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Welcome to Our New Blog!

It's official! We have created a new blog.

Why did we go the route of blogging? Well, frankly put, we want to connect more with our Hitchin Post community. It was an easy way for us to connect with our brides, whether it's brides from our past weddings or couples still searching for their venues. We want to share some of our experiences, as well as bring you into our side of the adventure. It is also an opportunity for us to offer our experiences and shed some light on how you can prepare and execute your perfect wedding day.

What will we be blogging about?

We now have 6 years of experience operating as a wedding venue. With this amount of time we have learned a lot of lessons, be it the easy way or the hard way. We want to share some of those lessons. It is an opportunity to let our prospective brides in on some of the tips, tricks, and secrets on how to make your wedding day planning and execution as seamless as possible. Believe us, we've seen it all. The blogs will range anywhere from advice on how to plan better, to funny stories of the past weddings, to question and answer posts, and anywhere else we want to explore.

How often will we be posting a new blog?

We aren't sure yet. Our goal right now is at least twice a month. But who knows where that may take us. If the posts are valued by our readers, then maybe we'll post more. For now, we are going to just start and see where the adventure takes us.

Will it be interactive?

Absolutely. We want to include our community as much as possible. This means question and answers, story time, or simply commenting and sharing your input on what we write. We want to hear your opinions and want to open the conversations.

Stay tuned for more posts, and hopefully we can become your new favourite wedding blog.

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