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Questions to ask when planning your big day,in a different way!

As you are all aware, the current pandemic we are facing has put a damper on all things wedding related! Flights are cancelled, venues are closing and guests are unable to attend. As a couple who was planning to get married, this is an extremely difficult time.

When faced with difficult times such as these we can either choose to wallow in our sadness, or make the best of the situation at hand.

For those couples who have decided to alter their weddings, so that they can still say "I Do" as planned, we have gathered some helpful tips.

  • Adjust your expectations; expect a smaller guest count

  • Be sure to follow CDC guidelines- check in frequently as things are constantly changing

  • Consider a Virtual Wedding: For elderly guests or those who are sick or uncomfortable attending, consider a live stream of your wedding.

  • Practice Extra Hygiene: Ensure that your wedding is well equipped with hand sanitizer. Perhaps instead of the traditional wedding favors, offer each guest their own bottle of sanitizer with a label of your wedding dates and names on it.

  • Skip the Buffet and consider individual plated options

  • Keep it local.

  • Get Creative! For those guests that can't attend, they can still give a toast or a speech via zoom.

  • Maintain clear and constant communication with guests.

  • Look into purchasing Wedding Insurance

  • Most importantly do your research and ask questions!

Below we have included a list of questions to ask your wedding venue and vendors:

  1. What is the venue's policy on postponement?

  2. How much is the deposit, and is it refundable or transferable to a new date?

  3. How far in advance of our wedding date will we review and consider whether or not we should postpone?

  4. If the event is outdoors, what restroom access will be available?

  5. How will you ensure restrooms are safe and clean to use?

  6. What is the total amount of guests permitted at your venue?

  7. How many guests can safely be seated at each table?

  8. Do we have permission to live stream the wedding?

  9. Does your facility have accessible WiFi?

  10. What cleaning protocols do you have in place prior to and during our wedding?

  11. Will you have hand sanitizing stations available?

  12. What safety measures do you have in place for your staff?

  13. Can our entire event be held out doors? Does this affect our curfew?

  14. How will food be served?

  15. What safety measures are being taken in the kitchen to ensure food safety?

  16. How will you avoid clustering at the bar?

Remember at the end of the day your wedding is about you and your partner and the love that you share. Together you will know what's best for your special day!

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