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New 2020 Wedding Trends Worth Keeping

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Every year, new couples are getting engaged and new trends are hitting the wedding industry. In 2020, not only are we entering a new year, we are entering a new decade and we are really excited to see what it has to offer.

Whether you recently got engaged, are part way through the planning process, or are looking for ideas for you future wedding, we have compiled a list of wedding trends that have made their way into the new decade and that we think should stick around for a while!

1. Have a Green Wedding

Due to high demand, many vendors are already taking action towards having sustainable approaches. Caterers are buying local produce, florists are using locally grown flowers in their bouquets and most stationary companies offer recycled paper or an alternative biodegradable product for your wedding invitations. It is now easier than ever to have an eco-friendly, sustainable wedding!

When you’re looking for a venue, the biggest way to use less energy is to get married outdoors. Some examples of outdoors venues could be a farm or a vineyard where the sun provides most of your lighting. If you want to get married indoors, try holding your ceremony and reception at the same place. Since your guests don’t have to travel from one place to another, this cuts down on fuel emissions. In addition, also try and find a venue that already offer décor or built-in details that fit your wedding theme. This will not only save you money on decorations but it will also use less or the Earth’s resources.

After your wedding is over, you also don’t have to throw away your flower decorations. Opt for donating your leftover floral arrangements or bouquets to hospitals, senior centers and homeless shelters so they can get another use!

2. Opt for Non-Traditional Wedding Wear.

Most of the time when you see pictures of the bridal party, the bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress. The new trend is to stray away from a typical traditional wedding and have a mismatched bridal party. Not only will the dresses be unique from any other bridal party, but it allows your girls to dress in what makes them feel comfortable and it also gives them the flexibility with the price. You may be thinking that this won’t look good, but it can be very easily pulled off! The amount of freedom you give your bridal party is up to you. You can choose a specific colour and have the girls pick out their own style, or you can let them choose any colour dress as long as they all fall onto the same colour palette (hint: stronger and richer colours are on the rise). In the end, this option is a creative way to let your girls feel fully incorporated into the wedding. Another similar trend is to give black tuxedos the backseat and let blue and grey ones take the wheel.

3. Have a Smaller, More Intimate Wedding

As you’re planning your wedding, you may be trying to decide whether you want to go big or go small. Most people think that having a smaller wedding means having a simpler wedding but this is not the case. Here is why having a smaller wedding is one of 2020's top trends.

You may have guessed it, but having a smaller wedding will greatly lower your overall costs. The leftover funds can be used to cater to your small group on very special ways that are often left out of larger scale weddings simply because it is not in the budget. You can over custom menus, higher end food and top bar choices making it a more memorable experience for your guests. Now you can have the luxury wedding you dreamed of all by reducing the amount of guests you invite.

Another reason why smaller weddings are in-the-now is because they allow you to spend more quality time with your loved ones and really be able to share the day with them. With fewer guests, you can spend more time with them at each table and still have time to eat. You spend all this time and energy planning your wedding so you’re going to want to be able to enjoy it.

4. Incorporate Interactive Activities

Have you ever been to a wedding where you only knew a couple of people and spend most of the wedding sitting around and keeping to yourself? Yeah… me too. Keep your wedding fun and exciting by creating ways for your guests to interact with you, each other, and the venue. This will ensure that your guests have lots of fun and will surely leave them with a lasting impression.

Many couples have started introducing interactive cocktails hours to their receptions. Examples of these can be mixology lessons, tasting tables where guests can try local wines and beers paired with samples of cheese, or games set up around the venue.

Linen Tablecloth shared a great blog on many creative ways to make your wedding interactive and we thought we’d share it with you! This blog includes ideas from fun guest books, table activities, games, and many other ideas to keep all your guests (yes, even the youngsters) entertained throughout the evening so that your wedding will be talked about long after it ends.

5. Make Your Wedding Personalized to YOU!

Although you may have no idea how to plan your wedding and you need inspiration to get you started, many wedding planners suggest to limit the amount of time you spend on Instagram, Pinterest or looking at photos of other people's weddings. Most weddings on social media are beautiful, but make your wedding unique to you and your fiancé. Trust me, it will be beautiful too but it will be hard to come up with original ideas if you are constantly comparing what your wedding should look like to weddings that have already happened. You want your guests to think "Wow! This wedding is so *Insert Your Name Here" or "Wow! That was so original". This may sound contradictory, but the new trend is to make your wedding different and unique. Go back to the drawing board and let the creativity flow. It's so important to try and not rush the planning process. Enjoy it and know that your vision will come to life over time.

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