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Interactive Food Stations for Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you want it to be a special day that everyone will remember for years down the road. You also want to be able to enjoy wedding and have the least amount of stress possible. Having an interactive food station at your wedding hits both these birds with one stone because they are so easy to set up and maintain, and they allow your guests eat a dinner customized to their own palette. These buffet-style stations offer many selections and so you will be sure that the food will please everyone. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular food stations to give you some ground-based knowledge however, in the world of food, there exists a wide variety of options.

Candy Bar

Want a bar at your wedding that everyone will love? Have a candy bar! Why? Because everyone loves candy and chocolate! Not only will people love it, but it’s an easy and cost-effective way to serve dessert. Your guests will have the option to pick out what they want and, because candy is relatively cheap, you can provide them with many options. With all the candy and chocolate varieties the world has to offer, you can be sure that all everyone will be satisfied. You can store the candies in mason jars, bowls or any kind of container that matches your wedding décor! Make sure to provide utensils for serving and even some gift bags so they can take their selections home with them.

Do you love the candy bar idea but need some inspiration? Since candy bars are one of the most popular interactive stations at weddings, there are tons of insider tips and resources all over the internet.

Popcorn Station

Another popular interactive station at a wedding is a popcorn station. Popcorn is one of the most common snacks at any event. Think of any movie you’ve ever gone to, theater production you’ve seen, or even school play you attended and then think of the snacks that were being served. Popcorn was always one of them so it’s fitting to have it at your wedding. Just like candy, it is also cost-effective so you can provide many sweet and/or salty options while also keeping the budget low. There are many creative ways to set up this station and again, similarly to the candy bar, there are many resources on the internet for you to look up if you decide that a popcorn station is the way you want to go.

Donut Station

This station is by far one of my favourites. It doesn’t matter if you hang them on a wall, pile them on a plate, or serve them with a drink, donuts are a fantastic dessert station option for your wedding because they’re both Instagrammable and delicious! Mix it up with a variety of flavors and colours to match your wedding aesthetic and you’ll be sure that this station will be a show stopper. The great thing about serving donuts is that there are so beautiful many ways to do it. Many couples have chosen to make a donut wall, wrap them in individual packs, or placed them on large stands in the form of a wedding cake. There is honestly no way to go wrong with this one.

Veggie Station

Although you can never have too many desserts, let’s talk about another type of food station. Have you ever noticed that at any gathering, the veggie platter seems to be a hit? This station will have the same effect at your wedding. It will also accommodate your guests that want to have some light-fare options and those who are vegetarian/vegan. You think that this option won’t be aesthetically pleasing but surprisingly, there are actually so many ways to pull this off beautifully! To start, you can decide to serve each vegetable type separately or all together in a cup with ranch dip.

Charcuterie Bar

While this idea is probably one of the more costly stations, it is also a fan favourite and your guests will certainly be pleased. You can use this as an appetizer or as a side of your main course. Martha Stewart Weddings has outlined 6 Steps for Curating a Delicious Display of Cheese and Charcuterie so you can find a selection that best fits your needs! Accompanied with bread, fruit, and an assortment of pickled vegetables, this popular meat and cheese station is a great way to treat your guests with a little bit of luxury.

**Tip: Always try to make labels for all your options so you can let your guests know what is in them. This is super important for people with allergies or dietary restrictions.

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